Social media is truly a strange phenomenon. Long forgotten are the days where we weren’t incessantly scrolling through news feeds, retweeting and taking artsy shots for our Instagram accounts. It’s weird to even think of an instance where we are not faced with some form of social media and weddings are not excluded from this. 

The main argument is whether or not this is a good thing. Personally, I think it’s a great way to share precious moments with friends and family who can’t be at your wedding, but also, when you can hashtag someone’s wedding, it means that the bride and groom get a chance to see all the fun their guests had at their wedding – what could possibly go wrong?

Well… All it takes is one inappropriately drunken photo to make the magic disappear and by that point, it’s all too late – this incriminating photo has been seen far and wide… 

Ultimately, it’s can be a beautiful way to share your wedding with others, albeit you open yourself to a range of different comments and reactions but your wedding is one of your proudest moments and why not share the experience? Bonus is that all the unlucky ex’s that regularly Facebook stalk can also know you met the Right One and won 😉 


So many people have family and friends who live afar and can’t, for various reasons, attend a wedding and social media is basically a free platform through which they can enjoy the day with you! It’s not all that strange to have a Great Nana sat at the top table through Skype on an iPad or podcasting your ceremony to your cousins in Australia anymore and it’s truly something to appreciate. 

So the next time you think there are loved ones who can’t be at your wedding, think about how social media can help resolve that issue – let Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the various other platforms bring you all together and enjoy your big day in true 21st century fashion! 

We here at West Yorkshire Chair Covers have a new Instagram account highlighting some of our artistic photographing abilities (joke!) so please add us – our username is wycc.westyorkshirechaircovers, so you can keep track of all the different chair covers, sashes, centrepieces and much, much more. 

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