Not So Shabby After All…


Brides often dream of their wedding day being ultimate perfection, and why not? After all, it only happens once (we hope!) Perfection is subjective and a different thing to every bride-to-be, but in this day and age, everyone getting married and wanting the big day to be exactly that soon realises that perfection comes at a price.


Affordability becomes a front facing issue for many chasing that dream, and bridal magazines are much like fashion ones that show us what we could have on our big day should we have unlimited resources to hand but a few years ago a fantastical and romantic trend was introduced that has provided the perfect answer – Shabby Chic, which roughly translates into beautiful and affordable.

Shabby Chic is the perfect balance between romanticism and nostalgia. It represents times forgotten in an age where technology hadn’t yet marred the simplicity of decadence. What translated so well and so obviously within the interior design industry is also a harmonious and popular choice for weddings today. Shabby Chic also doesn’t have to break the bank ladies, which is why it is so achievable and most importantly allows for women to inject their own (and their grooms!) personalities into their wedding décor.

Here at West Yorkshire Chair Covers, we understand how many of you want to re create the sense of times gone in a faraway, fairy-tale sense and our hessian, lace and floral vintage sashes do just that. Our hessian sashes were a stunning addition to a wedding we did last weekend, and complimented the charm of a refurbished barn with exposed beams and streams of natural light. They are the finishing touch to a room dedicated to expressing the rustic and organic feel of exposed wood and pastels that are so consistent with the Shabby Chic theme.

hospit hessian


We have also very recently introduced more centrepieces to our range of products and these too revolve vastly around the same theme. All of which, we hope will make a representation that is worthy of the beautiful bride on her perfect wedding day.

woodlands centrepiece

Ultimately, whatever the theme and whatever the scale of your big day, we can help and nothing means more to us that making sure we fulfil your dreams to the highest of standards.

Rose Print Organza Sashes


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