Making Your Mark

There is only so many times I can say that your wedding day is your own without sounding like a broken record and most likely one of you lovely readers wanting to point that out, but your wedding day truly is your own – and why shouldn’t it be?!

There are so many fun and inventive ways that people are making their own very personal marks on their wedding to make it distinct and recognisable, whether its etched wooden favours, personalised buntings or even simple but effective additions like the names of the Bride and Groom on a traditional British Royal Mail Post Box like the one we offer here at West Yorkshire Chair Covers.

post box

The list is truly endless when thinking about the unique ways you can incorporate yourselves into your wedding. Wether you use your favourite films, books, tv shows and even celebrate your differences through these mediums is way of expressing how the wedding is yours and yours alone.

The idea of personalisation transgresses through to the guests as well, nowadays, we are seeing more and more guests making sure that their gifts are relevant to each (or both) individuals. It could probably be said that it’s down to the fact that we are living in an age of nostalgia, where we are conscious of how time in running much faster than we are and we all want to make sure we let the people around us know that we recognise them and celebrate who they are, and what better way than to do it on your wedding day?

Some people have printed chocolate wrappers, or personalised M&M’s (amazing I know!) and some go a step further and even have bespoke pump clips for the couples’ favourite ale! We, at West Yorkshire Chair Covers, feel that we help personalise your weddings in a much more subtle way, but we do it all the same through the perfect chair cover and sash for you and your partner. After all, colours and patterns are also an expression of taste and can be considered a form of personalisation!

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Embracing the idea of having a personalised wedding can be so much fun and a creative outlet through the more stressful aspects of planning a wedding, so get your creative caps on and feel free to comment with any really good (or bad) ideas on some personalised gifts or favours that you’ve seen around recently.

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