Chasing The Dream

It’s always called a dream wedding, and that’s exactly what you aim for. Nowadays, grooms are as invested as brides in making their wedding day a dream. Both parties make a conscious effort to take part in every aspect of the wedding, both making sure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed and that’s what makes a dream wedding. 


Ok, so no one is under the illusion that it’s always rainbows and butterflies when planning a wedding with your other half but that’s what really tests the bond. I’ve heard that it’s amazing insight into how a couple handle the pressure of planning a wedding and working out finer details, some go as far as to comparing it as a trial run for the rest of your married life. What it ends up being is a beautiful journey. 

Most girls plan their weddings even before they meet “The One” and seeing that become a reality is what makes it all worth the time, money and effort. We all know it’s not cheap to create that special day and that’s why we here at West Yorkshire Chair Covers offer a professional and most importantly, an affordable service that is one aspect of your big day. All the small preparations – flowers, the cake, the dress, the glassware and even the chairs all come together to create the dream that you’ve been chasing. 


I am always amazed at how a room comes together, each supplier or vendor working in unison like cogs in a clock to make your Big Day the dream that you want it to be, and nothing gives us more pride and pleasure in being a part of that. Going to different venues and seeing both brides and grooms getting involved in the decor and showing their emotional investment into the day is always the picture of a beautiful union. It makes you believe in Happily Ever After – it does exist, and it’s truly a privilege to witness. 


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We offer a range of products! Not just chair covers and a HUGE range of sashes, but we also do centrepieces, table runners, Royal Mail Postboxes, a Starlight backdrop and up-lighters.